Cooper Power Systems manufactures an impressive range of 200amp Loadbreak cable accessories including elbows, fused elbows, feedthru inserts, stand off plugs and a great many more.

Limiting factor for this range of products is the conductor, which cannot exceed 120mm2. The primary insulation maximum 33.2mm

A key difference between the Cooper product and competitors, is the ease of installation along with the thorough water sealing solutions available.

There are 2 options for the base product with respect to water protection. The first and most popular option is for our standard LEJ225 housings that have an integrated water sealing sleeve. This unit allows for the normal installation of the elbow; and then the water sealing sleeve which is affixed to the housing, is pulled down over the screen wires. This system is easy to use and provides some of the best water sealing protection seen anywhere in the market.
Alternatively, customers can opt for a separate interference fit water seal or heatshrink option.

Please click on the links below to download product data.

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Elbow

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Fused Elbow

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Insert

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Feedthru Insert

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Portable Feedthru Insert

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Stand Off Bushing

200amp 22kV Loadbreak Bushing Receptacle 

200amp 22kV Loadbreak 2, 3 and 4 Way Junction