Sealrad is a cable duct sealing system which self inflates to seal cable ducts.

The Sealrad unit is assembled in a flexible metallic laminate self inflating bag which requires no tooling or specialised training to operate.

To install; the unit is wrapped around the cable, by applying pressure on the unit, the reagents inside react with one another and the gas produced expands to fill the void.

The Sealrad unit has mastic applied on each side of the unit to provide quality water sealing.

In the event that the unit needs to be removed, simply puncture the bag with a screwdriver to deflate and then remove.

The Sealrad unit is suitable for most able designs and can adapt to circle and / or oval shaped ducts also.

There are 5 different sized units available. Refer to the attached data sheet for further data.

Please click on the links below to download product data.

Sealrad – Data Sheet

Sealrad – Installation Presentation