The Druseidt manufactured double insulated silicone copper cable is an ideal solution for high current requirements where space and flexibility are a consideration.

Highly flexible, halogen free, flame retardant and UL listed, this silicone cable offers unsurpassed current carrying performance.

The double insulated copper cable is rated to 3kV and also a range rated to 6kVfwith a tested voltage of 10kV. The cable has a dielectric strength of 20kV/mm.

At 185mm2, the 3.3kV cable can achieve 644amps and at 6.6kV can achieve 622amps.
This is achieved through Druseidt only manufacturing with the very best raw materials and through the unique design of this cable. The 185mm2 cable has approximately 23580 strands. This is amazing for any cable.

The cable is available in 2.5mm2 through to 300mm2.

Other usages for this cable include welding devices, earthing connections, high current conducting wires to mention just a few.

Please click on the link below to download product data.

Double Insulated Silicone Copper Cable – Data Sheet