33kV ANSI products are the principal screened connector product used throughout North America and the Pacific Islands. It has also been utilised for over 30 years throughout many states in Australia and widely in windfarms throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Cooper Power Systems have a thorough offering for this product range with regards to many style connectors and all associated accessories.

Limiting factor for this 600amp to 900amp range of products is the conductor, which cannot exceed 630mm2 and the primary insulation which cannot exceed 50.0mm.

A key difference between the Cooper product and competitors, is the ease of installation through minimal effort required to physically install, the ability to achieve 630mm2  along with options for 1 or 2 capacitive test points.

Furthermore, the Sicon shear lug is now available to be supplied / available for all units (along with the standard crimp options). This shear lug has to be amongst the worlds very best with regards to simplicity of use, quality of connection and ability to shear sub – surface resulting in no / minimal filing.

Of further particular interest is one of the only 33kV ANSI Bushing Deadend Receptacles on the market.

Heatshrink water sealing options are available that provide superb water ingress protection.

Please click on the links below to download product data.

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI Elbow

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI Splice Formation Elbows

600amp 33kV Ddeadbreak ANSI Bushing Receptacle

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI 2, 3 & 4 Way Junction

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI Stand Off Bushing

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI Connecting Plug

600amp 33kV Deadbreak ANSI Accessories